A Simply Successful Day in Pictures

successful day, lazy sundays, happy, relax, kids

A successful day looks different to everyone but you can’t argue with happiness. If a day brings you simple happiness (and great coffee), I’d call that a big success.

Since sometimes reading is way too much work, this post is mainly pictures. You’re welcome.

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successful day, run, workout, health, relax

Getting out for a great run helps start the day on the right foot. (Love Adidas running shoes! My favorite of all time, for sure.)


successful day, help, kids, cook, corn

Everyone loves corn on the cob in summer. (A little extra butter, please!) It’s great to bond on the front step while peeling corn. A simple family tradition.


successful day, corn, kids, cook, creative

Kiddo #2 made this lovely flower out of the corn husks. She was very proud of it.


Crazy 8


successful day, kids, help, clean

It’s always a success when the kids help out around the house without too much complaining. (Click here for a simple to do list for the kids to check off their chores. Surprisingly effective.)


successful day, nap, sleep, recharge

The couch is my favorite spot to nap. Wrapping up in big cozy blankets on the couch is THE best. It’s a huge success when the kids stay quiet enough for me to get an afternoon power nap in.


successful day, kids, bake, happy, dessert

Kiddo #1 loves to bake on her own with her Easy Bake oven. Can’t complain when she’s the one cleaning up and I get to taste test. And did you know you can get a recipe book for it? No more buying a million little mixes to make two bites of food. Genius, right?


successful day, campfire, friends, drinks

What great way to end the day! Hanging with friends around the fire pit with a few drinks and smores puts a nice little happy bow on the day.


Sure, I feel really successful when I get a lot of work done but not all success is about work. Slowing down and finding the happy in the small things of life can really change your outlook.

What does a simply successful day look like in your life?

successful day, lazy sundays, happy, relax, kids
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  1. What a great day! I love all of these things. A run is always a good start and cozy blankets, helpful kiddos and corn on the cob isn’t too shabby either!

  2. My morning before I was out the door was a great success. I’m all caught up at work and not on overtime, major success. Maybe some deep couch city when I get home or go shopping for tools… Yes, uber success that would be.

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