21 Crazy Cool Kitchen Gadgets to add Personality to Your Kitchen

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Cooking isn’t really my jam. Because of this, all recipes on Lazy Sundays for now and always will be easy or so damn delicious that they’re worth all the extra effort I don’t want to put forth.

Though I don’t love cooking, I love, love, so much love eating. To give me a little more incentive to get my butt in the kitchen besides the reward of food, I love finding really cool, unique or just down right genius kitchen gadgets. Cooking in a crazy cool kitchen is way more fun.

Know someone with a super lame kitchen? These can help them too. Get something cool in there, would ya?

(This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through one of the product links, I’ll receive some pennies. There is no extra cost to you. And you’ll have done your good deed of the day! Thanks for supporting Lazy Sundays!)

Kitchen gadgets need love too. Love these and show them off.

Lionel Ritchie cutting board
Lionel Richie Cutting Board from Amazon

Everyone needs a cutting board so why not have one that is more than just a hunk of wood, plastic or glass? This is a conversation piece. Not a fan of Lionel Richie? Amazon also has Star Wars, Game of Thrones and more. I also really love this Bob Ross one from ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney.com. Who doesn’t love Bob Ross?? kitchen gadgets


butter knife, clean, spreading jam, spreading butter
Tirso Standing Spreader Knife By IPAC from The Grommet

Why did I not know about this kitchen gadget sooner?!?! A butter/jam knife that stands up? No more slippery butter or sticky jam all over the counter? This is genius. Kudos to the inventor of this one. kitchen gadgets


baking, funny, zombie
Zombie Baking Cups from ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney.com

Muffins or cupcakes in zombie heads? Yes, please. Brains….mmm….brains….. kitchen gadgets


Flat Colander By Sinkstation from The Grommet

These are really cool for things like rinsing fruits and vegetables and they’re flat so they store almost anywhere! You can even use them as a sink protector on the bottom of your sink (so when you drop a coffee cup, it won’t scratch the sink or break the cup. Ahem, no one has ever done that though, I’m sure.) kitchen gadgets


container, basket
Cutting Board Extension Bin (set of 3) By ChopTainer from The Grommet

I’m glad there are smart people in the world who come up with simple inventions like these. Extend the length of your cutting board by sliding one of these under the end and presto! Chopped veggies and such are ready to be stored, sauteed or added to a skillet.


bag sealer, bag closer
Multi-Purpose Bag Sealer By Sealabag from The Grommet

Do you really need to professionally reseal your bags? No. But do you want one? Hells yeah. What a fun little gadget to add a secure tape seal to your bags. Guarantees freshness and protection from the stealers of the food in your house. kitchen gadgets


nonstick, pan, multiple foods, cook
Non-stick Meal Skillet By MasterPan from The Grommet

I want to eat everything in this picture. 100% pure maple syrup over the whole thing and a cup of coffee. Wait. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, this skillet. Make me breakfast in it. (Side note – did you know they make sprayable maple syrup?? I did not. Someone please try this and let me know how it is.) kitchen gadgets


avocado peeler, mango peeler, cook
Fruit and Vegetable Peeler By Peel Ripe Loops from The Grommet

Avocados are one of the hot, trendy foods of the moment. All kinds of healthy fats and you can apparently even healthify recipes like brownies with it. Pinterest told me so. If you’re on the avocado bandwagon, you know how tricky they can be to peel. Here’s your answer. Also hate how guac browns way too fast? There’s a handy storage bowl for that too. Check it out here. kitchen gadgets


mixing bowl, stabilizer, bake, cook, kitchen gadgets
Staybowlizer from The Grommet

Ever wish that darn mixing bowl would just stay put? Arms and wrists tired from wrestling to keep the mixer and bowl in check? Here ya go. Make this handy dandy kitchen gadget do some of the work for you. kitchen gadgets


kitchen gadgets, serving spoon, serving utensil, salad
The Single Handed Server By Snapi from The Grommet

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a weird looking grabby claw thing! This “Venus fly trap” looking contraption makes it a cinch to serve salads, noodle dishes, or anything that likes to slide off spoons or fall out of small tongs.

...It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a weird looking grabby claw thing!...


apple peeler, potato peeler, kitchen gadgets
Starfrit Rotato Express Electric Peeler from Walmart

Let this electric Rotato peel your potato. Or apple or pear. Do your kids hate eating the apple peels? (But that’s where most of the nutrients are!!) This is easy and safe enough for them to use themselves. It can even be used cordlessly to take along to picnics or even outside to save on kitchen mess. kitchen gadgets


kitchen gadgets, mugs, coffee
Cute Marshmallow Shaped Hot Chocolate Mugs from Amazon

Not really kitchen gadgets but I love these marshmallow mugs. What an adorable way to enjoy your hot chocolate or coffee. So darn cute!! These will definitely add some personality to your kitchen. kitchen gadgets


muffin, mcmuffin, kitchen gadgets
Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Timer from Amazon

Move over McDonald’s. We’re making breakfast at home today! Whip up a warm and delicious breakfast sandwich in minutes. Find all kinds of recipes to make in this cookbook, 150 Best Breakfast Sandwich Maker Recipes. kitchen gadgets


kitchen gadgets, knife block
Spartan Knife Block – Handmade Premium Birch (Holds Your 6 Knives) from Amazon

This spartan will block your knife attacks! And hold your knives until you need them next. What a buddy. This knife block is a pretty bad ass way to store your knives. kitchen gadgets


kitchen gadgets, cheese grater
Fox Grater from Amazon

Do I really need to say anything about this one? Foxes are freakin’ adorable. Cheese is awesome. Buy this. Show it to everyone that comes over. “Hey you, check out my fox grater!” kitchen gadgets


kitchen gadgets, smores, snacks, chocolate, grahams, marshmallow
Microwave S’mores Maker by Progressive from Amazon

You know how when you make s’mores in the microwave, the marshmallow puffs up all weird and gets EVERYWHERE? That first world problem is no more! The little hands on this guy put pressure on the top cracker so the marshmallow is evenly pressed down as it heats up. Do you need this ridiculously unnecessary gadget? No. But do you really need it? Yes, yes you do. kitchen gadgets


kitchen gadgets, spoon holder
Hug Doug Spoon Rest – Silicone Cooking Utensil Spoon Saver from Amazon

“Dammit, the spoon slid into the pot!” “Ahhh, my spoon rest already has a dirty spatula on it!” “Do I really just have to leave this spoon on the counter?” Ever think these things or actually say them out loud? Get one or two of these little guys to hold onto your spoon while cooking, or even serving, your dishes. What a cute and easy-to-store way to keep all your unwieldy utensils in line! kitchen gadgets


kitchen gadgets, beer opener
Fred BEER MONSTER Bottle Opener from Amazon

Beer and cooking? Yes. Cute, standy up monster to open your beer? Yes. Instantly add personality to your kitchen? Aww, hell yes. kitchen gadgets


kitchen gadgets, whisk
Fred THE COOK’S CARROT Whisk from Amazon

Carrots, not just for snowman noses anymore! You can whisk with them too. I’ve also heard they’re edible…kitchen gadgets


humor, kitchen gadgets, recipes
What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner?: The Answers to Life’s Everyday Question (in 50 F*@#ing Recipes) from Amazon

Last, but definitely not least, is the greatest titled cookbook of all time. The description is great too: “This choose-your-own-adventure style cookbook provides quick and easy solutions for the nightly conundrum. Don’t like the recipe? Simply choose another page for a new f*@#ing idea! Making choices is hard, so let this book do it for you with 50 solid meal ideas-and a side of salty language-for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.” The funny read is worth it alone but the recipes do actually sound good too. kitchen gadgets

If you get any of these, or gift them to your favorite cook/baker/kitchen user, I’d love to see them in action! Post pics to Lazy Sundays’ Facebook page. The goofier the picture, the better!


bake, cook, kitchen gadgets, shop, buy
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  1. Thank you for this! I think I’ve told you before but I love the name of your blog! Perfection!
    I’m buying the Hello it’s me cutting board and the stand up spreader! Perfect Ideas for my cooking aunt who has everything and loves Lionel Ritchie!

  2. How could I not have known about that knife that stands up. Oh my word, our children have all moved out now but I need that for my husband who gobs on the peanut butter and jam and forgets to wipe the counter!

  3. These are so awesome! It’s hard to say which one I like the best. The cutting board had me laughing, and I definitely want the electric peeler. I can’t be the only one who hates peeling potatoes. Thanks for the great post!

    • That cutting board is great, isn’t it? If you click the link, there’s even more. It’s really hard to pick a favorite. Just for pure “I probably need this in my life” factor, I love the microwave smores contraption. 🙂

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