21 Lame Things I do on Kid-Free Days

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My kids have the greatest grandparents. They love spending time with them, are always up for babysitting and even volunteer to take them for days at a time during summer. Days. Entire days at a time. Kid-free. Happy mom.

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kid-free, grandparents, happy, relax
Actual photo of me chillin’ while the kids are gone.

The most recent kid-free stretch for my husband and I was almost a full week! Sunday afternoon until Friday afternoon, the longest we’d ever been without our kids. Though we were both still working the whole week, having the kids gone opened up our evenings to do more of what WE wanted.

All this kid-free time. What to do with it? The possibilities were endless!

  1. Watch long movies with lots of swears. (think Quentin Tarantino)
  2. Eat cereal or pb and j’s for supper.
  3. In front of the tv.
  4. Use their gel pens and coloring books without asking.
  5. Eat snacks after the 7pm cut-off time and not have to share.
  6. Notice the kids’ empty rooms, stop for a second, and continue to enjoy the quiet.
  7. Have an entire conversation without being interrupted by questions for snacks or complaints about what their sibling did this time.
  8. Drink coffee in silence.
  9. Eat right out of the ice cream container without fear of getting caught by a kid.
  10. Go shopping for myself and not buy one damn thing for a kid. Ooo, look at that super cute little skirt. And that adorable tee is on sale?? Well, maybe just one thing for the kids….
  11. Draw inappropriate pictures and write swears in sidewalk chalk. And hope it rains before they come home.
  12. Eat more snacks without sharing.
  13. Get some extra workouts in. Maybe.
  14. Go out for drinks on a random week night.
  15. Regret going out for drinks on a random week night.
  16. Notice the kids’ empty rooms and kinda miss their noisiness.
  17. Power nap on the couch.
  18. Work on my blog uninterrupted for more than 3 minutes at a time. (Though this is definitely not lame! Trying to get great content out to you loyal Lazy Sundays followers!)
  19. Ok, maybe I’m starting to miss the noisiness.
  20. Wait for the kids to be dropped off, get big hugs, hear about how I look different than when they left (always said by my oldest) and then a string of stories about everything they did while with Grandma. Talking, talking, talking. Non-stop talking.
  21. Start to miss the quiet 3.46 minutes after they walk in the door.

    poster, funny, handmade, romaine, pun
    Love this poster! Puns and food!

Lame, right? Hey, the title warned you about that. In my defense, these were kid-free weeknights. A weekend might have been a little more exciting. Maybe.

And looking back at the list, apparently I’m very protective of my snacks and all things food related. My Pinterest feed would back this up. #noshame #hangry

I really enjoy the quiet time I get when the kids are elsewhere but I surely do miss them too. They’re a little bit of crazy, a little bit of funny and lot of bit of loud, all rolled into one. And they’re all mine.

What would you do with a string of kid-free nights? Live it up (and maybe regret it the next day) or relish the fact that your snacks are all your’s? You already know what I’d do.

Kid-free for a few days? Think you'll do cool things? Yeah, me too. But give me that free time and turns out I use it for pretty lame things. Mom life. #mom #parents #kidfree #lazy #happy #relax
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  1. I remember those days all too well. Now that they are older and not home much I kind of miss the loud craziness that they used to bring. Oh and I like eating the ice cream right out of the conatiner too.

    • Yes, all the craziness! 🙂 I hope they come and visit often and bring it all back with them. Maybe when my kids are older and visiting, we can share a container of ice cream.

  2. I don’t have littlies, but I can still appreciate this list! I’m definitely down for pjs and breakfast for supper! And I lovr to watch terrible guilty pleasure shows when I’m alone, like America’s Next Top Model 😅. Hope you get to indulge in a few of these soon!

  3. I cannot wait to be that grandparent. Lately, I have had to say no to so many requests for sitting because of the state of our house. We have literally worked on it nearly every day since last May. The downsizing and pending sale only increase that work. I hope soon to enjoy sweet smiles and baby kisses without worry about their safety or my sanity.

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