How You Can Have a Pin Go Viral and Finally Win at the Pinterest Game

You CAN have a pin go viral. You CAN win at the Pinterest game. You just need a great strategy...and a little luck. Start HERE for both. #blog #viralpins #pinteresttraffic #blogtraffic #pintereststrategy

Pinterest traffic is all the rage in the world of blogging. We all want to drive thousands of page views and we all want to have a pin go viral.

But how?

I didn’t know. My blog is fairly new and fairy small. They tell you to have patience and consistently put out great content. Stick with it.

After months of doing just that, the patience was wearing thin. Daily, I was asking myself what the heck I was doing with this whole blog thing.

And then it happened. I had a pin go viral. **cue squealing**

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What was the irresistible pin? Did it promise the secret to getting rich quick or did it hold the secret to world peace? Not even close. It was a recipe. For 5 Minute Fluffy Pumpkin Pie Dip. The pin that went crazy is right here.

We all love food so I wasn’t surprised that it did well but I WAS surprised to see that it got 222 page views 4 days after it was published. 643 page views on day 5. 1,350 views on day 6. The pin has been repinned over 6,000 times and counting. **more squealing**

What?! My entire blog had been averaging 50 or less views daily before this pin went crazy.

So what was different this time? Why did THIS pin go viral?

Honestly, no one knows exactly why a pin goes viral. Unfortunately, there is no 100% fool proof way to have a pin go viral. Son of a…!

But there are theories, there are strategies and then there is “the Pinterest stars align and bless you with the luck of the Pinterest gods”. You always need a little of that last one.

There is good news though. There are Pinterest strategies for a reason and people are using them.

And, if you have patience and consistently put out great content in conjunction with using a successful strategy, you too can have a pin go viral. If my little ol’, 3 month old blog can do it, anyone can.

Does this blogging timeline sound familiar to you?

The first month I was blogging, I pinned all willy-nilly. I had heard about the necessity of group boards so I joined a few, pinned my images to them and to my own boards. A month doesn’t sound like a long time but it feels like for-ev-er when you’re trying so hard for success.

The Pinterest gods didn’t really care for my lack of a strategy and they showed it. Very little traffic and lots of frustration. Didn’t have a pin go viral or even close.

The Pinterest gods didn't really care for my lack of a strategy and they showed it.
Pinterest is full of blogging advice (and where I got all of my information and motivation to start my own blog in the first place). Makes sense then that I would stumble across lots of pins promising to show me the way of Pinterest.

I thought I’d be able to put together all the free info I’d found into a sure fire way to get Pinterest to work for me. But as they say, you get what you pay for.

I’d also read lots of posts about biting the bullet and investing in your blogging education. If you want to learn, and do it quickly, it helps to learn from the best. They get thousands and thousands of page views for a reason.

After reading about this particular Pinterest strategy several times, from several different bloggers, I decided it was time to invest in my blog. Invest in my education. And start heading in the right direction with this whole Pinterest game.

“Sounds wonderful but let’s cut to the chase. What Pinterest strategy did you use?”

Pinteresting Strategies book cover
Click here to see it for yourself!

Drum roll please! My first viral pin came from the result of using Pinteresting Strategies from Carly at Mommy on Purpose. She won me over. Big time.

First, I LOVED that it was a manual pinning strategy. No schedulers, no extra investments in Tailwind or Boardbooster. I honestly love being on Pinterest too so I liked that I would really have control over my pinning and keep the fun in it.

Second, Carly’s honesty can’t be beat. She’s sharing her strategy because she wants others to be successful but she is completely open about the fickleness of Pinterest. Not every system works for everyone. An exact quote from her Pinteresting Strategies page is, “This is just me saying “This is the method that worked for me, maybe it can work for you too!”

She’s also very open about this not being a quick fix answer to huge traffic. There is no quick fix answer to Pinterest but a lot of bloggers trying to sell you something don’t want to admit it. Promoting your blog is work…and little luck from the blog traffic gods.

Finally, this is an amazing e-book with tons of information on getting Pinterest traffic for such a low cost! I’ve seen other e-books being sold for over $100, some close to $200. Uh, no. Less than $40? I can do that without selling a kidney.

“Sweet! This e-book sounds pretty great. What kind of info does it have?”

This book dives into everything from the importance of creating great content to figuring out which group boards are even worth your time.

Not sure if your pins are attention grabbing and Pinterest-loved? (Having Pinterest love your pins is super important!) Carly covers all of it, making it easy to understand and follow with no fancy jargon and lots of pictures.

Here’s a snippet from the table of contents:

  • Chapter 1: Sometimes it IS About Traffic
  • Chapter 2: First Things First; For Profitability
  • Chapter 4: How to Set Up Rich Pins
  • Chapter 5: What Makes a Great Pin?
  • Chapter 6: Pinterest (Thinks) it Can See Your Pins
  • Chapter 8: SEO for Pinterest
  • Chapter 10: Group Boards
  • Chapter 13: Keeping on Top of Group Boards
  • Chapter 14: Do Pinterest Followers Matter?
  • Chapter 16: Final Pinteresting Thoughts

I couldn’t wait to dive in. What about you?

Are you ready?

Ready to have a pin go viral? Ready to finally win at the Pinterest game?

I was more than ready.

I started implementing the strategy outlined by Carly in Pinteresting Strategies the very next day.

Fast forward 2 months and I have a pin go viral. Kinda wish I hadn’t wasted that first month just throwing pins all willy-nilly….

I still refer back to the book to figure out why my other pins aren’t going crazy. It’s so great to have it to re-read and get a refresher. Yes, sometimes a pin I made is hideous and not loved by Pinterest. Or I stunk it up big time on the SEO. Blogging isn’t for the weak. #hardtruths

You can read all about Pinteresting Strategies from Carly herself here. She’s relatable. She’s honest. And she’s got something going with this strategy.

When you’re ready to put this strategy to use for you, find this banner on the Pinteresting Strategies page and just click:

Pinteresting Strategies banner
Jump over to Carly’s site to read all about Pinteresting Strategies.

Still gathering info before you jump into starting your own blog? Check out my post 4 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Blog to get you on your way.

If you’re looking for affiliates to monetize your new blog, check out my Affiliate Disclosure & Resources page. I was approved by all of these affiliates when by blog was only 2 months old or less. The page also includes the resources I use to make Lazy Sundays what you see before you.

Good luck on your blogging journey! I wish you lots of love from the Pinterest gods and I really hope you have a pin go viral. It’s amazing!

I’d love to check our your Pinterest game. Share your link in the comments and be sure to follow Lazy Sundays on Pinterest here.

You CAN have a pin go viral. You CAN win at the Pinterest game. You just need a great strategy...and a little luck. Start HERE for both. #pinteresttraffic #blogtraffic #viralpin
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    • Hi Selma! You are 100% correct. This book was the strategy I needed to have a pin go viral. I invested in my blogging education and worked hard to implement everything I learned. The book goes into great detail on how to make pins that Pinterest loves, how to really benefit from group boards and more. To have a pin go viral, I needed to rework what my pins looked like and stick to a pinning schedule that worked. Carly put a lot of research and time into writing this wonderful book so I wanted to share it for her and anyone looking to grow their Pinterest traffic. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. When I first started blogging I was so disappointed to only have a handful of followers. I went to some of my Facebook friends and tried to post content to my blog on their pages which resulted in a few more followers. Now I have 26. Not a lot by anyone’s standards, but I am excited that a few other people in the universe read about my crazy life! I have never had a pin go viral not for lack of trying. I’m excited about your pin! Best of luck with future pins!

  2. This is great! I’ve followed you on Pinterest! I have tailwind and I love it! My page views have increased drastically because of it and that’s all happened with the free trail. However, I think it’s important to be diverse in strategy so this post was very helpful!

    • Pinterest is so unpredictable. I thought I wasn’t doing anything right or maybe my pins just stunk…but I stuck with this strategy and it has paid off. Not a quick fix for traffic but nothing really is. Consistency is so important. Good luck!

  3. I loved Carly’s book! I’m less than one month in so still waiting to see some viral results, but I’m excited. How long into your blogging journey did you start implementing her strategies before the viral pin occurred?

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