Get a Massage – Relax Your Body and Feel Amazing

Everyone can reap the benefits of massage. Should you get a massage? Walk through an appointment and let me convince you why you're worth it.

Get a massage? Sounds like something rich people do. Or professional athletes or something. Well…

Are you a parent? Or a full-time worker? Or a student?

A runner, walker, swimmer, or weight-lifter? A writer, artist, accountant, teacher, nurse, plumber, architect, or baker??

Doesn’t matter.

If you are anyone, you have stress. And you’re probably putting yourself way, way down on your list of priorities.

I’m telling you now, you need to move yourself up from last to at least like seventh? Some days, that might feel like you’re pushing it because your list is about 742 things long.

I’m like you. It’s hard to put yourself first. So here’s your chance.

Take the time, book the appointment and get a massage.

Yes, you! Stay with me here.

You’re already thinking of a million excuses why not.

Let me convince you whyget a massage

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Everyone can reap the benefits of massage. Should you get a massage? Walk through an appointment and let me convince you why you're worth it.

My husband got me a gift card for a massage almost 5 years ago. 5 years! It expires in 2 months. I let it go that long. get a massage

Why? Because I didn’t see it (aka me) as a priority. I didn’t want to make the appointment and tie up a few hours on a Saturday that might be needed to run errands, do something for the kids, get things done around the house, and so on, and so on. Sound familiar?

So finally, the last week of my job (division closed so everyone was let go), I called and finally made that damn appointment for the next weekget a massage

It felt weird, going to a spa on a Thursday when I felt like I should be contributing more to my home and family. But the gift card was bought and sometimes the best time to take care of yourself is when you’re feeling the worst.

“I’ve never had a massage before. What can I expect?” get a massage

Glad you asked! It had been like 11 years since my last one, which was also a gift from my husband, so I didn’t really remember how the whole deal went.

All spas are slightly different so this is my recent experience. I went to a spa that’s in an upscale hotel downtown. Getting a massage nearby made the travel time super short, helping me to arrive relaxed and on time.

Everyone can reap the benefits of massage. Should you get a massage? Walk through an appointment and let me convince you why you're worth it.I walked in the back from the parking ramp. Since I didn’t come in through the main lobby, I followed the small signs that led me down two flights of stairs and then into a long hallway.

Halfway down the hallway, a large doorway opened to a front desk with dim lighting, quiet music and spa-ish looking things all around. This must be the place.

I was immediately greeted, gave them my name and was ushered through a side door into a quiet, well decorated and softly lit changing area. You get your own locker to store your belongings.

There are robes and these “lovely” plastic sandals (see below) to wear throughout your stay. Stripping down and putting on a thin robe felt weird, yes, but part of the process. I took my clipboard and pen (to specify my preferences) and walked through the next door.

Everyone can reap the benefits of massage. Should you get a massage? Walk through an appointment and let me convince you why you're worth it.

Here’s where the magic happens. There was a small fireplace surrounded by comfy couches covered in oh-so-cozy blankets and pillows. They also had a counter with light snacks, tea and ice water. I could hang out here for awhile.

My masseuse greeted me and led me to our private room. She looked over my preferences, confirmed my choices (don’t hold back lady, I have years of tension built up in these shoulders!) and left the room so I could crawl under the covers and get comfy.

The massage bed was unexpectedly heated. So cozy and warm. Oh yeah, I could get used to this.

She knocked and came back in. After a quick few questions and making sure I was comfortable, the massage began.

Now, don’t be afraid that they’ll do something that you’re uncomfortable with. It is YOUR massage. When they ask questions, tell them the truth. And speak up if something hurts or does make you uncomfortable.

BUT, if they ask you if you want them to do the glutes, say yes. You don’t want to go through life wondering what it’s like to have a professional massage your glutes. And it’s not weird. Well, mostly. But you won’t regret it.

...don't...go through life wondering what it's like to have a professional massage your glutes.


After 45 minutes of relaxation, and a bit of good pain on those tight shoulders, she instructed me to take as long as I needed, get up slowly and come out when I was ready.

I honestly could’ve laid there for another 45 minutes but I thought that’d be pushing it. They DO have other clients.

Everyone can reap the benefits of massage. Should you get a massage? Walk through an appointment and let me convince you why you're worth it.
Bye bye, relaxation! I hope we meet again soon!

When I was up and functioning and rewrapped in the robe and “fancy” sandals, I came out of the room. My masseuse greeted with an ice cold water and offered up the snack bar again and left me to chill. Of course I had some snacks. If you know me AT ALL, you know how much love my snacks.

Back to the changing area, I snapped a few more pictures to show you guys, and off I went.

Even the check out process was relaxing. The woman was friendly, joked a little and was genuinely concerned with making sure I’d enjoyed every minute.

“Yeah, sounds nice and all. Still not sure I want to get a massage.”

Boy, you’re a hard one to convince. Here are my arguments for you…

There are so many benefits! Just six of them are listed in detail here on Best Health Magazine’s site. A massage counteracts all the sitting we do, it eases muscle pain, it soothes anxiety and depression, it improves sleep, it boosts immunity and it relieves headaches. Ok, I know we’re all dealing with a few, or all, of these!

Embarrassed about how you look or how you feel? Three words: Get. Over. It. We can’t wait until the perfect weight, or shape, or size, or day to do something great for ourselves. And believe me, that masseuse has seen everything. Don’t be embarrassed because they aren’t.

Don’t want to invest the money? Do it at least once, for you. Maybe put away a few dollars here and there. It’ll add up quickly.

Or take advantage for all those holidays where people are asking you what you want. Gift cards to a spa is the right answer. DON’T just ask for money to put towards a massage. You’ll spend it on something not even for yourself. Yeah, been there.

Never gone before and just aren’t sure about it? Don’t fret. If you can, take a day off during the week so you go during off-peak hours. It’ll be quieter and much less busy. That will contribute to the calm feeling and you won’t feel rushed or stressed. (You don’t want to fight a bridal party for space or sanity.)

No matter what time or day you go, always arrive at least 5-10 minutes early. You want to be sure to get your fully-allotted time as well as make time for any paperwork you need to fill out.

When you finally say, “Yes, I’m gonna do this for me!”, go all out and get a full body massage. Don’t cheap out and do a 15 minute neck and shoulder massage, though I’m sure it’s lovely.

If you’re only going to do this a few times in your life, make it really, really worth it. I had 45 minutes but at the end, I wish I had gone for the full hour.

“Is there anything I shouldn’t do before getting a massage?”

Yes! Don’t keep your appointment if you are sick. Just reschedule. You don’t want to spread germs and massages can worsen the symptoms of a cold or flu.

Also, don’t come in if you’ve had alcohol or drugs in the past 24 hours. Why? Seems like fun, right? Uh, nope. It is unethical and dangerous.

Massages can also make you “re-drunk” if you have a decent amount of alcohol in your system. Not a good combo when you go to leave and have to get home safely.

“Ok, I’ll think about it. I have been meaning to commit more time to me.”

Yes, you’re on your way!

Not quite ready to jump into a professional massage?

Pin this post for later and reread it for motivation. Or get some great products you can use at home to make it feel more spa-like until you’re ready to take the plunge into a professional massage.

T Spheres aromatherapy massage balls are infused with pure essential oils.
T Spheres Aromatherapy Massage Balls

T Spheres Aromatherapy Massage Balls: The sets are infused with pure essential oils like peppermint for energizing or relieving headaches; lavender for relaxation and calming nervous tension; and grapefruit for detoxifying.

The double purified rubber compound balls should be rolled gently on the tension points to treat a variety of problems from headache and insomnia to backache and foot pain.




SweetCheeks works with your body weight to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite
SweetCheeks Massage Mat

SweetCheeks Massage Mat: I have not used this but am SUPER curious about it. They say the pyramid texture on SweetCheeks works with your body weight to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite (in 30 minutes to an hour).

It’s giving you a deep tissue massage that gets the blood flowing, which in turn brings more nutrients and oxygen to your skin’s surface. These nutrients help produce collagen and elastin, and can even help relieve muscles aches and spasms on long plane or car trips.

The dimples known as cellulite result from connective tissue and fat cells called “septa” that form just below the skin. The septa tighten up when there is less blood circulation, creating that dimpled look. So improved circulation can minimize the appearance of cellulite. It’s discreet and portable design makes SweetCheeks a versatile way to treat cellulite virtually anywhere. get a massage



One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get enough quality, restful sleep. Use the ALASKA BEAR® natural silk sleep mask to help get you there.
ALASKA BEAR® Natural silk sleep mask

ALASKA BEAR® Natural silk sleep mask: One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get enough quality, restful sleep. Make sure your room is cool, your bed is cozy and throw on one of these for every chance at the best sleep you’ve ever had.

Not sure if you need one? If any of these apply to you, couldn’t help to give it a shot.
– if your bedroom cannot completely be shaded by black-out curtains and you want to sleep in
– if you cannot fall asleep because your partner wants to read or watch TV
– if you want to sleep while travelling, e.g. on airplanes or in trains
– if you are looking for perfect relaxation during yoga, wellness or meditation

Honestly, I would’ve loved one during the massage. That’s one suggestion I should’ve given to my masseuse.

Need other great ideas to make your home feel more spa-like? Candles, spa sound machines and bath pillows can all affordably transform a bedroom or bathroom into a relaxing retreat. (Or search “spa” on Amazon! So much stuff out there!)

This is a wild, crazy, busy world we live in. Take some time for yourself and schedule that massage, or at least relax more at home anyway you can. get a massage

Have you had a massage? Or do you have some wonderful suggestions for relaxing at home? Please share your experiences! The rest of us can be inspired by you to take better care of ourselves.

Everyone can reap the benefits of massage. Should you get a massage? Walk through an appointment and let me convince you why you're worth it.
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  1. I love massages! I have a bad back after a couple of car accidents 15 or so years ago, so I actually have one scheduled every six weeks for preventative maintenance. Even though therapeutic massages can hurt a little more than relaxation massages, I still get the benefits of the relaxation portion with some self-care time. I recommend anyone to get a massage. Some of the best money you’ll ever spend on yourself.

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