Swears, Blogging and Money: My Favorite Blogs and Why you Need to Read Them, like, Yesterday

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This blogging adventure has led me through thousands of Pinterest pins (lots not even related to blogging but that’s the beauty of Pinterest!), countless Facebook group board comments and hours of scrolling for information about ideas, hosting, making money, getting your site found on Google and much more!

Before embarking down this path to blogdom, I knew I’d be researching what it actually took to get a blog up and running but what I didn’t realize was how great the blogging community is. There are so many great blogs out there and the owners of these blogs are smart, funny and down-right wonderful people.

Here’s a list of my favorite blogs right now. And yes, you need to read them, like, yesterday.

(This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through one of the product links, I’ll receive some pennies. And I’ll love you forever. Or not if you don’t like that kind of thing. Thanks for supporting Lazy Sundays!)

My Favorite Blogs Right Now

Keeper of the Fruit Loops

favorite blogsHer name is Christine and she is down-right hilarious. Her humor and writing style inspire me to do better and maybe swear a little more.

Nothing is off limits for the Keeper. She writes about ridiculous family stories, thoughts while bathing suit shopping, her lack of responsibility when it comes to pet sitting and even a little politics in a non-political way. She cracks me up, makes me think, and I wish we were besties. Really.



favorite blogsThis site is written by a collection of intelligent and witty women, one of them being the Keeper of the Fruit Loops. They write humor but also take serious issues head on, all with the bluntness that their name implies. If you are easily offended, this might not be the blog for you. But if you want truths of all sorts laid out like only BLUNTmoms can, it’ll be your new favorite blog.


The Shitastrophy

favorite blogsAlyson is the genius behind the shit, aka The Shitastrophy. (Stop reading now if you don’t like casual swearing. ) The tagline of her blog is “Massive Mess Ups, Fucked Up Situations and Epic Fails”. If that doesn’t suck you in, you’re loss. All of the menu items are appropriately named like My Favorite Shit, Annoying Shit and Random Shit. If you wanna laugh and like swears, this blog is right up your alley.


With Love and a Little Self-deprecation

favorite blogsAnother hilariously written blog. Becca has a way with words and every blog post makes a seemingly everyday situation a masterpiece in storytelling. Even when she’s not trying to be funny, she’s funny. If I’m having a bad day, a few minutes reading through her blog cheers me up. Kuddos to her.


Cute Shirts from Radish Apparel
Cute, funny, witty shirts from Radish Apparel. Not a blog but still an awesome site.


Dorky Mom Doodles

favorite blogsFunny family stories told with even funnier dorky doodles. What more can I say? Just check it out. Take my word for it.



favorite blogsNot all of my favorite blogs are funny and have casual swearing. This one is a favorite because of the shear volume of information it offers to bloggers; newbies and seasoned vets.

Every topic is covered, from mastering Pinterest to promoting your blog to how to make an ebook. There are also freebies to download or more indepth courses to purchase. Her goal is to teach others how to create and maintain profitable blogs and she provides a lot of resources to do just that.


Making Sense of Cents

favorite blogsThis is one of the most popular personal finance blogs online and rightly so. How can you not be inspired by a twenty-something who now makes over $70,000 per month online? Granted Michelle used to be a financial analyst so she’s got a little more knowledge about this topic than the average bear but her site offers so much to read and digest. And it motivates you to want to do more for your own situation.



Honorable Mention: Mommy on Purpose

blog traffic, pinterest, increase page viewsI’m throwing this one in here strictly for the bloggers out there. Learning to blog takes a lot of time and research. One great ebook to help step up your Pinterest game and really increase your blog traffic from Pinterest is Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell from Mommy on Purpose.

She personally tested tons of strategies and through trial and error, put together a plan that gains her more and more page views to her blog everyday (100-200,000 page views per month!!) through manual pinning. No need to sign up for and pay for a scheduler!


Finding new blogs has been one of my favorite parts of becoming a blogger myself. There are so many points of view, things to learn, hilarious stories to laugh at and more. Let me know when you check out any of these blogs or if you have some of your favorites you’d like to share!

Looking to start your own blog? Check out my previous post – 4 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Blog. With a little bit of time and an idea to blast into the internet, you can have a great blog of your very own!


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