Back to School (aka The Death of Summer)

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It’s August! (But pretty sure it was the beginning of June about 3 minutes ago.)

What do you think of when you think of August? The sun setting a little earlier so campfires can start a little earlier? A few cooler nights creeping in so you can cozy up with a sweatshirt or under the covers a little tighter? Football season starting?

Maybe catching a great weather day so you can go ride some rollercoasters and not melt under the 943 degree sun and 100% humidity? Or maybe back to school? Wait. What.

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Back. To. School.

Besides being the last full month of summer and the chance for some really pleasant weather, August also means that back to school season is in full gear. The sales started like a week after Valentine’s Day so now they’re everywhere. I’ve been doing my best to ignore them but I guess I have to bite the bullet sometime.

The sales started like a week after Valentine’s Day so…

Don’t get me wrong, back to school season isn’t all bad. Even if you don’t have kiddos going to back to school, there are all those fun ‘back to school’ things in the stores.

Fun office supplies, colorful storage solutions to spruce up your pad, deals on laptops, etc. (Yes, I’m a nerd. Set me loose in the office supply section and I get pretty crazy. Hot pink stapler with hot pink staples?! Chevron print planner with matching notepads?! Yes, yes and yaaassss!)

back to school, fall, change of seasonIt also signals the start of the change of seasons from summer to fall. Changing over our closets from tank tops to sweatshirts means the coming of apple picking and all things pumpkin spice. The big food holidays are on their way too and boy, do I love food. Thanksgiving pants, here I come!

But back to school season also means the ending of summer. **cue sad music and close-up of a single tear**

So now is the time! Embrace the last month of summer and all it offers! Enjoy a long, lazy morning with your coffee while the sun rises. Take advantage of a hot day and jump in the pool or run through a sprinkler. Rock your tank top and shorts while you still can. Find some outdoor music performances and dance and drink the night away. End your night with a campfire and smores.

August is the Sunday of summer. The last hurrah before back to real life and a stricter routine. Get out there and crush it!

What are your plans for finishing summer strong? Are you trying to enjoy the slower pace of life or trying to fit in as much summer craziness as you can? Can’t wait to hear your plans!

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