strawberry pretzel dip, recipe, snacks, sides

Strawberry Pretzel Dip

September 14, 2017 11

Ever need a quick recipe to bring to a get-together and don’t want to just grab cookies on the way to the party? (Yes, we’ll […]

food, recipe, main dish, easy meal, chicken pot pie

Chicken Pot Pie Crescent Ring

September 7, 2017 0

“Ooo, fancy,” you might have been thinking when you saw the final product of this recipe. “I can’t make a pretty crescent ring like that.” […]

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Hi! My name is Keli. I love coffee, snacks, hoodies, flip flops and mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest but also learning about living a healthy lifestyle, working out and balancing the work-life equation. Join me in slowing down and finding happy!

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