Hello!! Welcome to Lazy Sundays!

So who’s behind all this?

That’d be me! My name is Keli. I’ve been married to my funny, smart, sports and beer-loving husband, Eric, for 11 years. We have 2 daughters; kiddo #1, age 10 and kiddo #2, age 8.

We’ve lived in Appleton, Wisconsin all of our married lives and love the city. Plenty of busy day and lazy day things to do.

In 2017, I’d held the same job for 15 years and then they announced that my division was being discontinued. After doing some soul searching about what I’d want to do next, I realized how much time I’d already put into being busy and not enough time laughing or smiling.

My goal now is to slow down, enjoy life more, enjoy my family more and maybe help others along the way. Lazy Sundays was born.

I love coffee, snacks, hoodies, flip flops and mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest but also learning about living a healthy lifestyle, working out and balancing the work-life equation.

Join me in my attempt to slow down, have more fun and find more happy.

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keli and eric
Eric and I enjoying a night out.

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